Speedway Legends Series
Bob Kilby

Speedway Legends Series
Bob Kilby


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The first rider to appear in the series is Swindon Robins legend, Bob Kilby.

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Bob, born in Swindon, rode for the Robins in two stints: 1964 -1970 & 1975 – 1983. He was part of the British League Title winning side of 1967. Bob registered his highest average for the Robins, 9.64, during the 1970 Season.
Bob’s son, Lee, has approved the final design and production of this coin. We wish to thank Lee for his help with images, design input and stats on Bob’s career. 


2 reviews for Speedway Legends Series
Bob Kilby

  1. Bronek

    Quality item, great detail, a real pleasure to deal with Tom

  2. Neil Ockwell

    Bob was more than a speedway rider, he was a close family friend and to see him honoured with this coin is truly fitting.

    The coin in itself is a quality item, heavy weight and feels substantial when you hold it, I feel a commission coming on myself for some coins in the very near future.

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